Pelee Island

Located on the 41st parallel, Pelee Island is the southernmost populated point in Canada (the actual southernmost point is nearby Middle Island, which is a conservation area). It is farther south than Rome and Barcelona, as well as all or part of 27 US states. It is also conveniently located in the middle of Lake Erie, making it a logical stopping point on our journey!

North-east winds were predicted for the weekend we were there, so we anchored on the south-west corner of the island. We chose to anchor because the marina was full – but it turned out that our anchorage provided much better protection than we would have had at the marina. We arrived on Friday evening after a long motor from the Detroit River (not enough wind to sail), and dropped anchor with enough time for a swim before dinner. On Saturday, we went ashore and rented bikes to properly explore the island. Rather than explain every detail of a circular bike trip, I’ll just show you the highlights in photos!

The flora and fauna of Pelee Island is incredibly special, and more than once I was wishing for a better zoom lens, and maybe just a little more time to explore the Island. We even saw a little grey fox which can climb trees like a cat(!), and is only found in two places in Canada. If you ever have the chance to visit, I highly recommend it!