Crossing the Strait Today

We spent yesterday evening in the crowded anchorage of Newcastle Island in Nanaimo, but we have a nice southeast wind today that will be perfect for crossing to the Sunshine Coast.

Not without a bit of navigational complexity, as leaving Nanaimo the radio crackled to life indicating that “Whiskey Golf is closed.” Whiskey golf is an area on the Georgia Strait east of the DND base in Nanoose Bay. The Navy uses it for training, and on days like today that area is closed to other vessels (like us!). So we diverted northwest along the Vancouver Island shore past the Winchelsea Islets where the Navy has its “Winchelsea Control” station that monitors boat traffic to ensure Whiskey Golf is clear when in use.. Wander towards the area and Winchelsea Control will be hailing you on the VHF to stay clear.

Once at the Ballenas Islands, we were able to turn north, and Innisfree is happily reaching across the strait at 7 knots as I write this.