High Tide

A wise friend once told me that ‘Sailing plans are written in the sand at low tide’.

Well, the tide has come in, and sure enough those initial plans to sail to Antigua have become a little bit fuzzy. Instead of leaving for Antigua on November 1st, some questionable weather patterns in the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans convinced the rally organizers to delay our departure until better a weather window appears. We were told on Sunday that it could be we a week or ten days before we can leave, so we have decided to use the time to explore the local area, instead of stating put in Hampton. John, our trusty crew member, came down as scheduled on Monday (we are very thankful for his flexibility!), and on Tuesday we decided to sail South from Hampton to Beaufort, NC, heading out and around Cape Hatteras. We arrived safely after 44 hours at sea, and are looking forward to exploring Cape Lookout tomorrow!

And as another wise friend suggested, maybe all this extra down time will give us a chance to post more photos and stories from our journey to the Chesapeake! 😉