Our last night in the Caribbean!

The weather window opened up a day early, so we are leaving for the Azores first thing Sunday morning.

We had big thunderstorm pass through on Friday night, and there are more headed to St. Martin for Monday and the rest of the week, so we are leaving before they arrive. The goal is to be north of latitude 20°N by Monday evening so we can stay north of the passing storms.

We made one last trip to the Super U today (best grocery store, ever!), and we are so loaded with food that I may not have to shop again until July (except maybe for fresh vegetables. Apparently, one must eat more than just tinned courgettes à la provençale). We have tied the dingy to the foredeck, and packed up or tied down everything that could possibly come loose in the cabin and cockpit. Even the coffee maker will have to go away right before we leave… here’s hoping for calm seas so we can make espresso most mornings instead of instant coffee!

Follow us on our tracker as we make the crossing to see how we go. We will post another blog update when we arrive in Horta, sometime around May 25th!