McMullin Group Islands

Our travels through the outer islands on the central coast started with a stop at a small anchorage on the northeast sode of the McMullin Group, a small cluster of islets between the Goose Group to the south across Golby Passage, and Potts Island to the Northeast. The guide book talked about this spot as a calm weather option only, and we would agree, though the holding was good in the mud just inside a kelp bed.

The big thing was the sand… As the tide dropped, the islets joined together by broad, wide, super soft white sand beaches. Ashore, we discovered a primitive kayak campsite spot (this would be a fantastic kayak campsite). An overgrown “trail” – really not more than a series of flagging tape strips through the bush – took us across to the rugged beauty of the west side not long before sunset. The contrast was dramatic, and this was definitely one of our favourite spots this summer.

We shared some pics earlier on Instagram, but this is a chance to show a couple panoramic shots from the east and west sides.

McMullin Group anchorage, east side
McMullin Group, west side